I. Description of school:

The Grundschule Baiersdorf is a primary school from grade 1 to 4 with 24 teachers and about 300 pupils aged between 6 and 10 years.
Baiersdorf (7600 inhabitants) is situated in nothern Bavaria about 30km to the north of Nürnberg.
The school was built in 1959 and was totally renovated between 2005 and 2007, transforming it into a very low energy building.
In 2008 a new sports hall was built, in 2009 the school yard and the outdoor facilities were completely renewed.
We believe school should be a living space as well as a learning space, so our main focus is on the pupils’ individual needs. We encourage and challenge children according to their skills and try to develop their self- and achievement motivation as much as possible. In grade 3 and 4 pupils attend once a week special training courses in literacy and numeracy. Optional working groups are offered to the pupils in the afternoon such as computer, theatre, choir, basketball, ballet, badminton, self-defence, gardening and ice scating.
Our school day begins at 8.15 and ends at 13.15. Pupils can attend the after school care club until 16.30.

II. Role in the project:

The school is a partner school in the project. In addition to exchanging methods and good practices, the school is responsible for establishing and administrating the projects website.

III. National Summary:

Mobility in Denmark, September 2010

The German team recognized during the workshops, discussions and personal meetings a lot of interesting pedagogical issues, teaching and learning methods and educational topics that would be very interesting to focus on. We decided to choose cooperative learning as our main topic to work on at our school. Cooperative learning: 1. We recognized:

2. We discussed:

3. Our questions / our ideas

Mobility in Slovenia, Februar 2011

What we saw, recognized, discovered, discussed and learned:

Ideas for the schools’ work until the next workshop:

Mobility in Romania, September 2011

What we saw:

What we will take home with us:

Mobility in Norway, May 2012

Workshops – what we saw / what we now know:

We will take with us:

That was especially great:

IV. Local Activities:

GER_LA_01_presentation_of_school.pptx GER_LA_02_bavarian state Curriculum.pdf GER_LA_03_bavarian Curriculum maths.pdf GER_LA_04_Criterias to Evaluate Achievements.pdf GER_LA_05_tasks_advisory_teacher.pptx

V. Contact:

Grundschule Baiersdorf, Bodenschatzstraße 9, D – 91083 Baiersdorf
Mr Markus Hahn, headmaster and contact person
Telephone: +49 91 33 32 41
Fax: +49 91 33 60 39 48

Baiersdorf school building with school yard (pic 1/2), /span>large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and presents given to children on their first day at school (pic3)

above: pupils working during literacy week in summer 2010 (pic 1/2), flea market to buy, sell and change books (pic 3)
below: new classroom books for pupils (pic 1), winners of the reading competition in 2nd grade (pic 2)