I. Description of school:

Tølløse is a primary and lower secondary municipal school located in a small town on Mid-Zealand. The school has about 400 pupils, about 50 teachers and 25 pedagogues, and is organized in 3 departments. Within each department the staff members working with each year group are organized in ‘year teams’ which cooperate on educational decisions for the year group in question. This responsibility necessitates weekly team meetings as well as a couple of monthly coordinating meetings within the whole department.
The school has some classes for children with special needs.
The management structure of the school is focused on decentralizing responsibilities. Each of the departments within the school has a deputy responsible for educational and staff-related issues while the headmaster’s work relates to the municipality and is often school-external.

II. Role in the project:

The school is a partner school in the project. In addition to exchanging methods and good practice, the school is responsible for questionnaires in connection to the evaluation of the project.

III. National Summary:

DEN_SUM_01.pptx DEN_SUM_02_Original.pdf

IV. Local Activities:

V. Contact:

Tollose Centralskole, Sportsvej 3, DK – 4340 Tollose
Ms Yvonne Pedersen, deputy headmaster and contact person
Telephone: +45 72 36 60 93
Ms Marianne Jeppesen, headmaster
Telephone: +45 72 36 74 50