Description of project:
The project “Improving literacy and numeracy skills” is a partnership between five (primary)schools from five European countires. It runs from September 2010 to July 2012.
Morkved Skole / Norway is the coordinating partner.
The main focus is on pedagogical and management issues.
The project addresses the common challenges for European schools in search of the best teaching methods and tools within literacy and numeracy.
It focuses on exchanging good ideas and on sharing best practices.
Assessment is emphasized as one of the most important tools for raising the pupils' skills within literacy and numeracy.
The schools verry different ways of assessing pupils' skills will be an important issue under discussion in the thematic project meetings.
The participating schools come from countries with quite different historical, cultural and educational backgrounds.
• The project will give pupils, teachers and heads of staff valuable intercultural knowledge. These issues will be addressed both through the project meetings and the local activities.
• A website will be established giving all information about the project accessible to everyone.
• Three newsletters will also be published during the project period, which will be distributed to both local and international contacts.
• The project will be evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively. A cooperation has been established with the Pedagogical University of Denmark, who will ensure the quality of the evaluation.

-to promote intercultural competencies and knowledge for pupils, teachers and heads of staff
-to improve the schools’ approaches and teaching methods towards attaining and developing skills in reading, writing and number
-to develop better learning strategies based on good-practices in all participating schools
-to improve assessment within literacy and numeracy education

norway 2
Norway, Febraury 2010: planning staff preparing the project
"Improving literacy and numeracy skills”